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Comprehensive production automation. Concepts for packaging lines, commisionings and maintenance.


Industrial Automation

We provide complete control systems: from control cabinet, through cable trays to sensors and actuators. Our systems meet not only the requirements set by standards and directives, but also much more restrictive requirements of our customers.

The components from which we build control cabinets and the entire system are based on our clients’ guidelines or on our best experience.


Our team includes experienced designers, automation engineers and electricians. Electrical diagrams are not a mystery to us and we are proficient at reading, analyzing and drawing them. That is why we offer inventory services for control systems, their updates or digitalization.

The service includes checking all electrical connections – cables along the cable, applying the missing markings, marking changes on the existing wiring diagram or sketching new pages, applying changes in electronic form, and printing an updated diagram. After this operation, maintenance services are able to detect defects on the production line much faster. We also offer professional translations of diagrams, operator panels and user manuals.


Each new production line, as well as old lines in a new location, need precise adjustment to achieve the planned production parameters. We observe the whole process, we detect places that reduces the line efficiency and we regulate or optimize them.

Our regulations are supported by measurements at individual stages and calculations. Achieving the assumed quantitative and qualitative parameters is usually not easy, but it gives us great satisfaction every time. This feeling is familiar to every Production Manager, Process Engineer and Technologist.

Maintenance of Packaging Machines

Nowadays, every production process requires high precision. Packaging processes are particularly demanding. High efficiency, high quality requirements for the final product, variable environmental parameters – all this means that the packaging machines have to work perfectly and be properly serviced.

Most of them operate based on very similar rules. For years we have been involved in technology planning and the operation of packaging machines. Now we advise our clients in this area and often service their machines.



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